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September 1 2008 — cowamazing!
1 September 2008

PS I forgot to add how the scientists managed to discover the magnetic cows phenomena:

 From the original article:

“The scientists used Google Earth software to study the alignment of 8510 cows in 308 pastures around the world and 2974 red and roe deer in 241 locations in the Czech Republic.”

There’s just no privacy any more:


September 1 2008 – Cow-incidence?
1 September 2008

September 1 2008


Magnetic bovines

We all know that Mother Earth, Bhumi-devi, takes the form of a cow.

 Bhumi devi

Here’s an interesting angle on the relationship of the cow with the earth.

In an article on on August 26 it was reported that cows align themselves with the earth’s north-south magnetic fields while grazing and resting:

“While birds, turtles and salmon are known to use magnetic guidance to migrate,” the article says, “cattle were not previously known to possess an inner compass.”

“Farmers had found that cattle stood perpendicular to the sun to heat up their bodies on cold, sunny days, or parallel to the wind during winter days with particularly strong winds, scientists said in a study,But the farmers’ wisdom and scientific studies had not provided answers to the common alignment of cattle during days with optimal weather, they said.

Amazingly, this ubiquitous phenomenon does not seem to have been noticed by herdsmen, ranchers, or hunters,” said the study, co-written by Sabine Begall of Germany’s University of Duisburg-Essen. “Because wind and light conditions could be excluded as a common denominator determining the body axis orientation, magnetic alignment is the most parsimonious explanation,” said the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.”

If we take it that the so-called ‘magnetic’ fields are actually the energy fields of mother Bhumi, its seems quite logical that cows would have this kind of natural alliance to their nurturer.

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