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BBC documentary on Gurus
3 August 2009

August 3 2009

A popular travel documentary a few years back on the BBC was

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends“.

Weird Weekends

Weird Weekends

He did a show on Indian gurus and a trip to Mayapur was included. At that time I was one of the co-directors of Mayapur, along with Jayapataka Swami. When Louis came, both of us happened to be in residence and it was also Jayapataka Maharaja’s birthday.

I never got to see the final product although it was aired on British TV at least 3-4 times. Finally, last night my nephew Harry, who is studying architecture in England and works part-time in New York on his university breaks, sent me the following link to Youtube where the whole series is posted. Parts 3 and 4 contain the Mayapur segment.

Its interesting although, as you would expect from an entertainment show, a little shallow. I think about 1% of what I told Louis actually made it past the editors. Still, the holy names are prominent, and it was seen by millions of viewers in England.

Here’s the video: 

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