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September 3 2008 – Intelligent design
3 September 2008

September 3 2008

Ever see the movie ‘The Return of the Fly’? Its about a scientist who invents a machine that disassembles the atomic structure of a body and reassembles it elsewhere. The problem comes when the inventor puts himself into the machine and fails to notice a fly entering the chamber with him. Out the other end comes a human body with a fly’s head

fly brain

and a fly’s body with a human head

another fly brain

Whoops! Sorry Dubya, this is meant to be a non-political column….

Anyway, nowadays scientists are admitting that flies do actually have intelligence (no offence again to George Bush) 

A recent article on BBC news reported that scientists in America have discovered why flies are so difficult to swat:  Read the rest of this entry »

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