September 14 2008

I remember that advert from the mid-80’s in England–‘Allo Tosh, gotta Toshiba?‘–the line was repeated again and again while you were visually entertained with a technical drawing of a man showing off a flat screen TV manufactured by Toshiba. Clever, sticks in the mind. Hope I forget it before I die.

Well, yes, I gotta Toshiba. And its not working properly. The so-called HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) doesn’t work and hasn’t worked properly since I bought the computer in February. So finally I have decided to take it in while its still on warranty and get it fixed.  Fortunately they have a Toshiba repair place in Kolkata.

By rights they should give me a Blu-ray drive as a replacement because only two weeks after I bought it, Toshiba announced that they were dropping the HD-DVD standard, having been beaten out of the market by their competitor’s high definition Blu-ray DVD burner. So here I am left high and dry with a DVD drive that is not only faulty but defunct as well.

Why am I telling you this? I  might not be on-line for a few days while they (hopefully) sort out the problem. So

Watch This Space…

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