August 2 

I never re-confirm my tickets because most airlines say there is no need. But when I arrived at Berlin airport at 7.30 AM after a two and half hour drive, I found out my flight for 9.10 AM to Munich had been cancelled. No warning, no emails, nothing.

They had re-booked me for 10.30 AM but I had a connecting flight from Munich to Bratislava at 11.10 AM. Fortunately there was an earlier flight leaving for Munich at 8.30 AM and I was just in time to make it. Maybe I should start re-confirming.

August 3-6 The devotees have rented a different place from last year. Its on the outskirts of the city, in a fairly new housing development in the hills. It’s a much better place, with a back garden about 75′ X 300′ and a few apple trees, grape vines and flower beds already established. The house is nice, with a pleasant frontal aspect across a small valley and friendly neighbors. The landlord allowed the devotees to remove a wall so that they could create a temple room big enough for 60 people. Best of all it only costs the same as what they were paying before.The yatra here is small, about a dozen full time devotees to run the temple, sankirtan and a popular restaurant downtown. But I like visiting. The devotees are eager to hear about Srila Prabhupada and do their best to make my stay pleasant.

I presented my new seminar on Association morning and evening and completed it on the last session on Wednesday 6 morning. Good timing because we all set off for the annual Czech Rep. summer festival at midday.

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