August 26 2008

A wierd day. I think my house staged a protest for being left unoccupied for several months. The phone was cut off, the water mysteriously stopped flowing in the bathroom, our eleven-year-old fridge which has performed flawlessly since the day we bought it suddenly gave up the ghost causing the fuse box to shut off the whole house’s power, and my wife’s computer, which is riddled with viruses, finally refused to boot up any more. I was informed that the Foreigners Registration Office in Krsnanagar had suddenly changed the period of registering from 15 days to 7 days and so I had to rush off to register or face a fine (turned out to be incorrect info.) And my wife Sitala got news from the jariwala she works with in Vrndavan is having some kind of crisis and can’t finish some outfits that are due for delivery in the west before Radhastami.

I just realized that although touring is strenuous, it is relatively free of anxiety at least as far as maintenance is concerned. Everywhere you go, there are devotees who are only too happy to facilitate your travel, accommodations, laundry and prasadam etc. But at home, its all your own, and these things take up a fair bit of time.

Anyway, I got registered and because the FRO is in Krsnanagar I also bought a new fridge (not cheap at Rs. 15,000). Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what Sitala wanted. In fact, it was just the kind she told me not to buy. But when I got in the small store, I got bewildered by all the choices and though I was getting something she would like. Anyway, I have a great wife who is not too attached to material goods and we will live with it.

Ladies beware! Never let your husband go out and buy household goods. You won’t be satisfied because their brains work differently from yours.

Man and Woman brain comparison 

By the grace of a very nice Russian resident devotee here, Srisha prabhu, who is ever willing to help with our computer problems (which are frequent because we are still amongst the misled who use Windows as their operating system), her computer was restored to functionality by midday.

Still haven’t got the phone on or the broadband (which is why these entries are a little late).

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