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14 October 2008

October 13 2008

 The last two days have been spent in the very pleasant company of their holinesses Lokanatha, Bhakti Vikash and Janananda Swamis, discussing the work of the Kirtan Standards Committee (KSC).

KSC meeting Oct 12 2008 

Bhakti Vikash Maharaja

Lokanatha Maharaja looking serious

Janananda Maharaja taking my photo as I took his

yours truly

Two other members couldn’t be here, Jagajivan and Aniruddha prabhus. It was formed in 2006 and set the task of trying to define the standards for kirtana and all things connected with that, in ISKCON.

The last two days we saw a bit of progress. We are aiming to make a presentation to the GBC meetings in February 2009. We have divided Srila Prabhupada’s instructions on kirtana into three broad categories- rules, strongly recommended, and general. Then we looked first at kirtana in the temple, with mainly ISKCON devotees. And then from the angle of tunes, instruments, dancing etc.

 There are lots of other aspects to be looked at but to make a start these are the topics under current discussion. Sorry, can’t tell you what we came up with yet. You’ll have to wait till February. If it gets passed, it will be released for public consumption.

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