I have two daughters, Rasarani-priya who is nearly 16, and Sachi, who just turned 23 on Gaura Purnima. Both of them are doing really well in their respective environments. 

Sachi is from my previous marriage and hasn’t been brought up as a devotee. She is a life-long vegetarian though and has her own belief in God. She’s a great person, ethical and hard working. She just informed me that she has graduated with distinctions after four years from her engineering course at Cambridge in England. She is the national training coordinator for Engineers Without Borders in the UK, a voluntary role that keeps her more than busy. Now she’s considering whether to go for her Phd. and has already been interviewed by a panel.

In the meantime she’s headed out to Brazil for the month of July. She has an interest in alternative power but she hasn’t yet decided what field of work she’ll go into.

 Rasarani-priya is also doing great. She took initiation from Indradyumna Swami in Mayapur on Gopastami in Nov. 2007, the one day of the year when Radharani’s feet are exposed for darshana.

 Congratulations!                                  Guru and family

June 14, Rathayatra day here in NY, was nirjala ekadasi in Mayapur where Rrp lives with me and her mother. She’s an amazingly determined person. She strictly observed the complete fast, not taking even a drop of water and then stayed up all night at the temple, then took bath in the Ganga, then came home and ate something and had a nap for half an hour, and then went back to the temple for SB class. Her determination is definitely impressive.

She and her Mum are leaving Mayapur on June 20 to join up with her guru, Indradyumna Swami, on the annual Polish Festival tour. We are keen for her to broaden her horizons and experience some direct preaching and the dynamic aspects of Krsna consciousness this affords. It will be a great experience for her and is as valuable as an other education we can give her.I mentioned before that Bindu Madhava prabhu has lots of gadgets. I just bought one from him. Its a camera that I think would be good for Rasarani’s 16th birthday on July 31. Bindu had bought it but was going to take it back to the shop because he didn’t need it. So I just bought it from him.

Its a Canon Powershot SD790 IS — Digital Elph. I read a review of it in Consumer Electronics magazine and they labelled it the “greatest Elph of all”. Their write up was very positive to say the least.It has 10 megapixels, is small and lightweight, high quality photos, 3″ LCD viewer (fixed in the back of the camera) and a wheel for menu control. It automatically detects motion and adjusts exposure to compensate. Contrasts indoors and out are very good and it has vivid color and ‘near-perfect contrast’. They label it as having top-notch quality and well worth the $350.00 price tag. So that’s it. I am all google-eyed and I have succumbed! I got a 4 gig. flash card for it, and carry case. Apart from that though, I can use it on my travels and take a few photos for this blog. And I know Rasarani-priya will put it to good use–she already has about 100 gigs. of photos and .avi files taken over the last few years.

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