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15 October 2008

October 14 2008

These two gentlemen are chiefly responsible for the creation and maintenance of this website:

Paras and Suman

Paras Sharma (left) and Suman Sankar

Suman is one of the bhaktas on the training program here in Chowpatti. He hails originally from S. Africa which is where I met him in 2005. He spent a lot of time and his own money designing and constructing this website. I have had a lot of devotees compliment me on the beautiful design, so now you know who was responsible.

Paras has taken over the maintenance in the last few months, since the launch. Suman was unable to give much time because he joined the temple full time so I advertized for help on  We contacted Paras through another devotee in America, Damodar Nityananda prabhu and although he is not yet a devotee, he provides all his services free.

Paras lives in Bhopal and with Suman and myself scheduled to be in Chowpatti together, Paras thought it would be good to meet both of us personally, since previous contact has always been through email and phone. He travelled 12 hrs. on the train overnight to get here and this is his first visit to an ISKCON temple. He’s a polite, bright young man of 23, and works full time for Reliance industries maintaining their servers.

the three of us

We had a few hours this afternoon going over the website discussing ways to improve our services to you the reader.  We will be adding a bit of video for downloading soon so please watch out for that. We also want to add streaming video and audio files to this blog and I hope that feature comes shortly.

I am deeply indebted to these young men for their kindness and service. Suman and Paras, many thanks!

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