November 9 2008

Today was Ekadasi. I was really happy. My doc. gave me a concession that on ekadasi I could eat potato. So I took full advantage.

Here we are, my favorite food


Cooked in ghee till golden brown

golden browns

What a sight! What delight! What a bite! Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a little fresh lemon juice. Unbeatable.

I could never figure out why they are called french fries though. It seems to be the Americans that prefer that name even if the French aren’t particularly known for them. Nor do the French even call them French fries.

They are of course, chips. The Brits are well known for chips. As a young man growing up in England, there’s no way you could avoid them. I even had a friend whose parents used to own and run the local fish and chip shop

If there is such a thing as a national food in England, its fish and chips (although nowadays thats been replaced by curry and chips-haribol for the Indian influence!) So why aren’t they called Brit chips? Or if they want to keep some French connection, in Australia they should be known as pom de terres?

At any rate, they taste irresitably good. So I had a plate; actually more than one. Well, anyway, the doc. said…

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1. Hari-sauri dasa
November 11th, 2008 at 8:24 am

This is from Madhava Ghosh prabhu:

French fries are most popular in the Low Countries of Europe. American soldiers
in WW2 discovered them in Belgium and because they were lacking in geography
and French is spoken in Belgium, when they returned to the US they called them
French Fries.

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