16 August 2008

Saturday August 16 2008


On this auspicious day of Lord Balarama’s Appearance I would like to welcome you dear reader to the preliminary launch of LotusImprints.com

I hope you like this new website. This is a humble attempt to keep Srila Prabhupada in the forefront of our consciousness and provide a forum for expanding the glories of our beloved spiritual master.

This is my first photo with Srila Prabhupada, April 1, 1972.

From the left: Bhakta Harry aged 21 yrs. 4 months (c’est moi), Ajita dasa, Mohanananda dasa (temple president, 19 yrs. old – those were the days!) and Srila Prabhupada.

April 2 1972 - my first photo with Srila Prabhupada (I was still Bhakta Harry)

If I may, I recommend the ‘Audio’ section for lots of Prabhupada nectar, in particular the downloads from my seminar series “Srila Prabhupada The Living Bhagavatam” (SPLB) which I have been presenting in various countries around the world since 2004.

Based on my multi-volume book “A Transcendental Diary” (TD), the SPLB series is a thematic rather than chronological presentation of Srila Prabhupada’s lilas and philosophy. I have taken particular aspects of devotional life, such as Chanting, Prasadam, Writing, Cleanliness, Living in the Dhama, Health, Deities etc. and whatever His Divine Grace said or did on each particular topic I have compiled and categorized into some kind of order.

The result is a focused look at the different activities of devotional life, from many different angles of vision, all with Srila Prabhupada at the center.

I have not tried to present everything Prabhupada ever said or did on each topic, but just drawn from the period I was personally traveling with him, with a few exceptions. SPLB is a synopsis, but something I hope will give sufficient insight to inspire and educate the listener and bring them closer to understanding Srila Prabhupada’s desires and intent.

This ‘Blog’ is a running commentary of my travels and interactions with devotees around the world with particular focus on Srila Prabhupada. Its interactive — you can post comments, ask questions and join in with the Prabhupada katha.

In ‘Books you will find the various volumes of Transcendental Diary for sale, and later on other items will be added.

‘Videos’ of the SPLB are just now coming! They will be added shortly, as available.

‘Links’ provides access to other useful websites.

Any feedback is welcome. Feel free to share your Prabhupada stories with other readers and ask questions.

Your humble servant,

Hari-sauri dasa

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